JIDD Happens

Blog Posts David Cooke 27 Feb

You may have heard people say “s@@t happens. In the mortgage broker world, JIDD happens. These are unexpected events that can turn a happy homeowners’ life upside down. JIDD consists of: Job Loss – often unexpected and with no time to save for emergencies, things get ugly pretty quick. E.I. payments can run out leaving […]

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Tax Rebates for Homeowners

Blog Posts David Cooke 20 Feb

It’s getting to be that time of year when we are collecting our tax receipts to file taxes and hopefully get a nice cheque back from CRA. 1st time homebuyer’s Tax Credit If you purchases a home in 2018 don’t forget to apply for the $5,000 tax credit. This could result in up to $750 […]

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3 Reasons why your Realtor would like you to have a garage

Blog Posts David Cooke 15 Feb

Your realtor will be happy to list your property and sell it for you. However, if you have a garage, they will be much happier. Why? Here’s the reasons why realtors prefer to sell homes with garages: 1 – Homes with a garage, attached or detached sell faster and for more money, usually $20-30,000 more. […]

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Garage

Blog Posts David Cooke 13 Feb

Besides the obvious advantage of not having to go lug your groceries into the house in the rain, sleet or snow, there are a number of less obvious but important reasons to consider buying a home with a garage or building it sooner rather than later. 2- I just had $3,200 worth of hail damage […]

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A New Year and a New Opportunity for You

Blog Posts David Cooke 24 Jan

If you have been reading the news lately, you will know that the new stricter mortgage rules have resulted in more people than ever postponing purchasing homes. Sales have dropped across the country. As a result of these events, the rental market is booming with rents going up everywhere. The average rent in Toronto now […]

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5 Reasons why Realtors want you to have a Pre-approval

Blog Posts David Cooke 18 Jan

You’ve decided that you want to buy a home and you call up a realtor to show you a listing and the first question they ask is “ How much are you pre-approved for?” Many realtors will refuse to book home viewings until they can confirm that you are pre-approved. Why? 1- It shows that […]

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3 Things for every Homeowner to do in January

Blog Posts David Cooke 11 Jan

As we enter the New Year, there are a few things that we should all think about as homeowners. 1 – Replace your furnace air filter – if you read over the instructions for your furnace you will know that you are supposed to either clean or replace your furnace filter. We are three months into […]

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4 Reasons why Mortgage Brokers are Better than Banks

Blog Posts David Cooke 23 Nov

I am often asked if it’s hard to compete with the banks. While they may offer competitive rates at times, right now we have much better rates than the banks. However, we have certain advantages which allow us to blow them out of the water most of the time. More Choice – banks are limited […]

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Legalized Marijuana and the Canadian Housing Market

Blog Posts David Cooke 17 Oct

October 17th will be an important day in Canada’s social history. It’s the day when we are going to have legalized marijuana across the country. We will be the second major country in the world to do this. How does this affect mortgage brokers like myself? When someone comes to me to obtain financing for […]

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The Pros and Cons of Co-Signing for a Mortgage

Blog Posts David Cooke 2 Oct

If you keep up on the news you know that qualifying for a mortgage is getting tougher and tougher. Someone who would have sailed through the application process 10 years ago could find themselves declined for a mortgage today. Often I find applicants can afford the monthly payments but they can’t prove that their income […]

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