5 reasons the bank may turn you down for a mortgage

Blog Posts David Cooke 24 Jul

Mortgage rules have become stricter over the past few years. Assuming you have a down payment, good credit and a good job, what could prevent you from obtaining financing for a home purchase? Below are five less obvious reasons a bank may turn you down: It’s not you, it’s the building Hate to be the […]

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Mortgage brokers are super heroes

Blog Posts David Cooke 12 Jul

Mortgage brokers have a reputation as superheroes. Although we cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound we can do extraordinary things. Is the down payment money coming from outside of Canada? I had a client who had a joint account with her father in Japan. She showed me bank statements with the money in […]

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Industry initials explained

Blog Posts David Cooke 12 Jun

Many of us will remember the television show, Mork and Mindy. Imagine that you have just moved to Canada and you overhear a conversation, “ I was watching NBC and they said that the FBI arrested a criminal at IGA.” You probably wouldn’t understand what they said because we all use acronyms. We often replace […]

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Thinking outside of the box – blanket mortgages

Blog Posts David Cooke 29 May

When someone calls me up out of the blue for a mortgage , I often ask them, “Why did you call me?” Often the reply is that a family member suggested it. I then ask, “Do you know what I do?” Once again , I will get a reply that they aren’t sure. I will […]

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Why I Recommend Title Insurance

Blog Posts David Cooke 16 Aug

As a Dominion Lending Centres mortgage broker, I often see in the lender’s conditions sheet a request for the lawyer to obtain title insurance. We all know that this is a measure to protect the lender and to allow for the deal to proceed if there is a delay with the title or the other […]

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Why a Big Down Payment is Better

Blog Posts David Cooke 16 May

First time home buyers look to their families, the media and the Internet for all their information on how to buy a home. As a result, they know that they need 5% of the total home purchase price to buy the home of their dreams. While this is true, there are a few things that […]

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How To Avoid The 7 Biggest Mistakes Refinance Shoppers Make

Blog Posts David Cooke 16 Oct

Whenever interest rates drop or housing values jump, a refinancing frenzy follows. Whether you are looking to trim your mortgage payments, eliminate credit card debt or renovate, experts say you should fully understand all the options available to you before deciding to refinance. Here are some common pitfalls that consumers can avoid when refinancing: 1. […]

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What IS a Mortgage Broker?

Blog Posts David Cooke 30 Sep

One thing Canadians have in common is that most of us are paying off a mortgage. The mortgage market can sometimes be confusing. There are a vast array of choices – open, closed flex down, equity take-out, cash back, and of course the rates themselves. While we would not attempt to try to muddle through […]

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